Goodie In Greece

gone greek

Gone Greyhound

on July 3, 2013

photo (19)Yesterday was a big day. I sold my wheels to a dear friend and fellow Southeast teacher. Car-less for the first time since I turned 16, I walked from the DMV back to the house just before the movers arrived to tote away nearly everything I own. After one last look around the house and some errands with Rob’s dad, I departed my hometown of the past eight years… on a Greyhound bus. Keeping it classy, as always. It was quite the magical experience. 15 minutes late on the departure? No big deal. A slight odor? I can deal. But then the bus started having mechanical issues. We pulled over to the side of the road at least eight times, each stop prompting the driver to disappear beneath the bus for a few minutes, with no explanation as to what was happening (until I asked… naturally). After putt-putting our way to Baltimore, we traded the dysfunctional bus for a slightly more functional one. We arrived in York two hours late, where two very distraught ladies who had missed their connection were being told they’d have to sleep on the street. (I could just imagine Rob’s response: “America deserves better!”) So… I offered to give them a ride to Lancaster. They seemed harmless enough. And Lord knows I’ve received a lot of help getting ready for this move. Figured it was time to pay it forward. My mom was quite surprised to find me waiting at the bus station with two strangers looking rather anxious, a bit rough around the edges, and exceedingly thankful for the assistance. Anyway, we made it to Lancaster! And now I’m home, enjoying lots of quality hangout time with my parents and grandmas before I leave for Athens. 3 days until departure. Now… about that visa.


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