Goodie In Greece

gone greek


on July 10, 2013

IMG_3537I spent the morning buying groceries at a local corner store with the help of a young Greek fellow who seemed happy to help a lost American attempting to read Greek labels — or perhaps more accurately, attempting to identify the pictures on labels. Purchased items include: cereal, granola bars, apples, carrots, and pasta. Some things never change. Presently attempting to organize Rob’s vast array of kitchen supplies, which were either still packed away in boxes or randomly stored in various cabinets between the two kitchens. Turns out my classroom organization skills come in handy in the kitchen. Neither of us are especially into cooking, but having the right tools (and knowing where they are) is a good place to start! Next step: Knowing how to use them…

And… that’s my official U.S. Embassy ID, which grants me access to the Embassy compound, and more importantly, the Embassy pool and gym! The “F” stands for family (my classification), and the “E” stands for escort, meaning I can escort visitors onto the Embassy compound. So… come visit! While getting badged, I met the Ambassador and many of Rob’s colleagues, all of whom were very welcoming and happy to see that I arrived in one piece.

*Updated: Rob asked that I remove the photo of my Embassy ID since apparently it’s a security violation. My bad… 🙂


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