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Lykavittos Hill

on July 11, 2013


IMG_3530 IMG_3532

Athens isn’t a particularly runner-friendly city (too many narrow streets and crazy drivers), but I’m fortunate enough to live near Lykavittos Hill. At 908 feet above sea level, with the sea just a stone’s throw away, Lykavittos Hill is the highest point in Athens. A hike to the top provides a serious workout and gorgeous views of the city. There’s even a 19th century chapel, an open-air theater, and a restaurant at the peak. I’ve decided to make the hike up Lykavittos Hill my new daily workout. I’ve made the loop daily for the past three days. So far, so good! (That said, I was very dedicated during the first two weeks of Insanity…) For those of you who come to visit, you could take a cable car to the top… but bring your sneakers because we’ll be hiking it!


One response to “Lykavittos Hill

  1. Fay Good says:

    Great pictures…….great up-dates as to what is happening to you in Greece…….thanks. All of this helps to “feel closer” to you Laura. So happy for you but you are missed…..we love you…….Rob,
    Love and hugs, Mom-Mom

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