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To Market

on July 13, 2013


IMG_3581 IMG_3585

I sent Rob the following email yesterday: “Just returned home from market, where I purchased a varied assortment of fruits and vegetables. Not entirely sure what to do with all these fruits and vegetables just yet, but I’m looking into it. :-)” Every Friday morning, a produce market descends on a closed block in Kolonaki (our neighborhood), where vendors sell local, in-season fruit, vegetables, fish, and eggs. Apparently most local Greeks do their produce shopping at one of the city’s open-air markets since the markets offer a better selection than the typical Greek grocery store. After returning home with a backpack full of fruits and vegetables (plus a giant watermelon in hand), I started researching possible meal options. Winning choice: Ratatouille! I was missing a few items but succeeded in tracking them down with the help of google translator (and a friendly store clerk): αλάτιβασιλικός, θυμάρι, and σκόρδο (salt, basil, thyme, and garlic). By the time Rob returned home from work, I was wearing an apron and putting the final touches on a totally legitimate meal. And I actually enjoyed making it. No joke!


2 responses to “To Market

  1. Mom says:

    Matt will be happy to know that he is no longer the only member of our family with culinary skills!

  2. Fay Good says:

    Hi Laura and Rob,

    Pictures continue to be great. Thanks for all the pictures and words of your days in Greece. It does help me feel close to you.

    Love and hugs to both you and Rob,

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