Goodie In Greece

gone greek

The Lock-In

on July 14, 2013

IMG_3587So… funny story. After watching a fairly intense police movie, I was feeling a bit on edge. To calm my nerves, Rob decided to show me the apartment’s security features. Alarms, locks, motion sensors, the usual. Our bedroom door, of course, has not one, but three locks on it — the original old-school lock, plus two hyper-security Embassy add-ons. You know, just in case. At the conclusion of our security tour, the castle-esque key that operates the original lock on the bedroom door broke… while in the keyhole… with us locked inside. I started laughing. Rob immediately jumped into action. Tweezers? Nope. Wiggle, jiggle, slam? Nope. Use the radio to contact the Marines at the Embassy? No response, inexplicably. So we decided to just go to sleep, knowing that the cleaning lady would arrive at some point the following morning.

Fast forward four hours. I’m awake. Ugh, jet lag. Thank goodness for my Kindle. And a small balcony for… you know. Fast forward another four hours. Rob’s awake. “Yolanda? Yolanda, can you hear me?” Nothing. Fast forward two more hours. “Yolanda, you’re here! We’re locked inside. Can you go to the neighboring balcony and hand me my cell phone? Do you see any other keys that might fit the lock?” Yolanda, in her Filipino accent: “You’re what?! Do you want a basin to go pee-pee?” A few minutes later, Rob phones the Embassy. “Good morning, this is Robert Bond in Political. So, funny story…” Fast forward another hour, during which we pass the time with bad jokes and laughter fits. And finally, at long last, a locksmith and an Embassy rent-a-cop arrive to save us. Free at last! To cap off this magical experience, the Greek locksmith informs us (using Yolanda as a translator) that he will not bill the Embassy. He instead insists that Rob pays for services now. In a typical Greek attempt to evade taxes, the locksmith tells us that we can pay €60 without a receipt or €70 with a receipt. Rob, of course, requests a receipt.


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