Goodie In Greece

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Strike Central

on July 15, 2013

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Rob and I went for a stroll this evening in search of the turtle pond at the National Garden. The garden gate, unfortunately, was locked for the night. We did, however, stumble upon preparations for tomorrow’s 24-hour nationwide strike, which coincides with Parliament’s debate on austerity measures. From what I’ve experienced thus far, Greek protests are quite tame. They seem more like a mild celebration than a means to effect political change, and the on-duty riot police officers typically just stand around looking bored. I suppose there are worse things. Despite the rampant unemployment in Greece, the crime rate is low (if you don’t count tax evasion), and people seem quite content just sitting around sipping coffee all day. The personal downside to these strikes is that the local authorities who hold the power to approve my employment status and work permit have been on strike for the past week. Consequently, no new visa progress to report.

And… here’s a video that takes a satirical jab at the Greek financial crisis. Enjoy!

(Parents and grandmas, please pardon the language.)


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