Goodie In Greece

gone greek

Sunday Funday

on July 21, 2013

Restaurant in Plaka


National Garden




Turtle pond


Full moon over Parliament


Rooftop of the Grande Bretagne





















Sunday is typically a day of rest in Greece, but Rob had to work this morning due to a meeting between the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and the Greek Minister of Finance (different titles for the same position). America’s message to Greece: Persevere through the tough economic reforms, continue efforts to stabilize your debt-ridden economy, and capitalize on the sacrifices already made. In other words: Keep on keeping on. Meanwhile, I kept myself entertained by strolling through Plaka, the market area near the base of the Acropolis. I am routinely humbled by the beauty of the Acropolis and by the vendors, waiters, and taxi drivers who speak three or four languages. (I’m trying to get myself enrolled in beginner Greek language classes at the Embassy.) Later in the evening, Rob and I had what was perhaps our first official date night in Athens… a lovely dinner, a show at the planetarium (both nerdy and awesome), a stroll through the National Garden (where we finally found the turtle pond!), and drinks on the rooftop of the Grande Bretagne. Lovely all around. 🙂


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