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Medieval Exploration

on August 11, 2013


After sleeping in and fueling up Greek yogurt and bread, Rob and I hiked to the top of Monemvasia’s plateau to explore the ruins, check out the view, and inevitably take a bunch of jumping photos. We cooled off afterwards with a swim along the rocks and lunch at a cafe on the town square. I highly recommend that everyone who comes to visit us take the weekend ferry to Monemvasia. Such an amazing place! On the return trip to Athens, we made a pitstop for dinner in Nafplio — now a posh port town, but once the capital of the First Hellenic Republic. I’m feeling very thankful for such an amazing weekend full of exploration and relaxation. We’d also love to return to Monemvasia — perhaps next time by ferry. 🙂

IMG_4052 IMG_4032 IMG_4046 IMG_4050 IMG_4007 IMG_4009 IMG_4031 IMG_4002IMG_4024 IMG_4058IMG_4005IMG_4060 IMG_4069IMG_4076 IMG_4082 IMG_4087 IMG_4088IMG_4077IMG_4097IMG_4100


4 responses to “Medieval Exploration

  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful shots, Laura…can’t wait until we can visit!

  2. I told the hotel owner I’d be sending you and Dad to her! (Pending parental approval, I may also invite myself and tag along.) It was amazing!

  3. Fay Good says:

    Amazing pictures……I get so excited for you having this “experience of a life-time”. As much as I miss you being close I am soooo happy for you to have this experience. I want to thank you again for taking the time to post your daily events…..the one thing I really do look forward to everyday! Continue your journey of “visiting Greece”………

  4. Thank you, Mom-Mom! It’s been an adventure! Rob keeps asking me when you will be coming to visit. 🙂

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