Goodie In Greece

gone greek


on August 17, 2013

IMG_4118Weekends mean work when you’re a teacher, and it looks like I may be teaching after all! The local authorities in Athens have verbally confirmed that I may teach at St. Catherine’s this fall. Once I receive written confirmation, I’ll return to DC to get my work visa just in time for the first week of school!

Since this weekend was perhaps my last free weekend in Greece for a while, Rob and I took another little road trip to the Peloponnese. After stopping at a beautiful pebble beach in Diakopto for a swim, we continued on to the port town of Patra. We meandered through town and toured the Church of St. Andrew, the second largest Byzantine-style temple in the Balkans. At full capacity, the church can hold a congregation of about 5,500 — just the right size for a “big, fat Greek wedding,” which we caught a glimpse of later in the evening!

IMG_4129 IMG_4121


IMG_4126 IMG_4123

IMG_4127IMG_4133 IMG_4132


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