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Hopefully… Maybe… Nearing Resolution

on August 26, 2013

IMG_4236I visited ACS this morning for an interview with the principal, who very recently contacted me regarding a teaching vacancy for an elementary ESL position. (Three months ago, this would have been perfect!) Although she offered me the job, I had to inform her that I’m awaiting written confirmation from the local authorities for a position at St. Catherine’s.

The Periferia is supposedly granting written confirmation tomorrow. Although I’m very hopeful, after months of misinformation and delays, I’ll believe it when I see it! If, for some reason, the local authorities change their mind and deny the work request, it seems I now have a solid Plan B! Given the conversation I had with a diplomat at the Greek Embassy several months ago (during my 20-second visa interview), I assume the visa situation would be less complicated if I accepted a job at the American school. My interview, in a nutshell…

Apostolos: I thought you were going to get a job at the American school.

Me: I tried! They haven’t listed their vacancies yet or offered me a job.

Apostolos: Well, you’re not an EU citizen. This is more difficult with a British school.

The never-ending visa saga continues…


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