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From the Canteen to the Loo

on August 29, 2013
IMG_4246IMG_4245Today marked my first official day at St. Catherine’s! The other new staff members all seemed quite charming. Most of the new staffers will be teaching at the upper school (high school)… and with the exception of two of us, everyone is either British or Greek. I also had the chance to meet two of the other Year 3 teachers, who were at the school beginning to setup their classrooms — two very sweet, funny British ladies presumably in their 50s. The bulk of today’s events featured lots of HR-related matters — finances, health insurance, school policies, and other exciting items. Some of the paperwork I can’t submit until written confirmation comes through from the Periferia… which it still hasn’t… even though it was supposed to come through on Tuesday… and even though Rob received a phone call yesterday from the Secretary General’s office promising that it would be processed today. The commute by metro/foot is 80 minutes each direction, so hopefully our car registration also gets processed soon! As the St. C’s administration pointed out, Greece is not a country set up to run efficiently.
New British vocabulary I learned today:
Canteen = cafeteria
Register = attendance
Loo = toilet (a useful term to know when they keep serving you tea)

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