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Let the Games Begin!

on September 5, 2013

IMG_4357Today marked the first day of school for students at St. Catherine’s! I certainly have a fun-loving group of kids. One of my students is Scottish (by way of Brazil), one is English, one is German, one is half American, and the rest are Greek, who (thankfully) speak English beautifully. The past few days of preparation have been exhausting, hence the lack of blog entires for the first time since I arrived in Greece. I still have many school norms and procedures to learn, but I’m happy to report that the first day of school was, overall, a success. 🙂IMG_4359

Unfortunately, I did have a bit of a meltdown last night, frustrated by the work visa situation and missing Jennifer’s wedding. Infuriatingly, the local authorities in Athens still haven’t approved my work status. Employees from St. Catherine’s and the U.S. Embassy call the Periferia daily looking for an update, but they rarely seem to receive a response other than, “The paperwork hasn’t been approved yet, but it will be.” With any luck, at the end of all this, Nikhat (who is still stuck in India awaiting approval) and I may have paved the way for St. Catherine’s to hire non-EU citizens in the future — so at least there’s that. Since my 90 days in country will soon be up, I need to return to DC by the end of September to get a visa of some sort, preferably a work visa. Looking forward to some proper fall weather, football, and a few days with friends and family!


One response to “Let the Games Begin!

  1. Linda says:

    Looks like a spirited group of kids…..have fun! So wish the visa drama would end.

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