Goodie In Greece

gone greek

Samaria Gorge

on September 14, 2013

IMG_4419 IMG_4425IMG_4420









Rob had a meeting at the NATO base in Souda Bay on Friday, so we decided to turn his work trip into a weekend in Crete! (I caught a late-night flight to Chania on Friday.) We had an early start on Saturday to hike the Samaria Gorge, a beautiful 16-kilometer trek through rock face that ends at the Libyan Sea. After reviving ourselves with a late lunch and beer, we caught a ferry to the nearby village of Hora Sfakion and then a bus back to Chania. Despite the sore feet, we spent the remainder of the evening strolling through the quaint shops and restaurants of Chania’s Old Town. From the gorge’s pine trees to the town’s cobbled streets, the day had a vaguely American feel to it. 🙂


IMG_4452 IMG_4461 IMG_4466 IMG_4474IMG_4475IMG_4479


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