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S&K in Athens (Part II)

on October 16, 2013
photo (31)     After five days in Santorini, Spencer and Kieran returned to Athens for a second weekend of galavanting. I’m happy to report that with visitors in town, I finally visited the Acropolis Museum! My big takeaway: Ancient Greeks were quite impressive, and America is just a young puppy in the grand scheme of world history. (The Greeks were at war with some countries longer than the U.S. has been in existence.)
     Aside from exploring Athens, we also took a little road trip to the Temple of Poseidon and Lake Vouliagmeni. Constructed in the 5th century BC, the temple pays homage to the mythological god of the sea (and like many of Greece’s architectural feats, it was partly destroyed by the Persians in their first invasion). Lake Vouliagmeni is a small mineral lake fed by underground springs — and it’s home to lots of little fish that feed on dead skin skills. They’re totally harmless — and apparently women pay money for this sort of pedicure treatment in various parts of the world. I found that they mostly just tickled. 🙂
     S&K departed on Monday, just before Doug and Ana (Rob’s friends from Moscow) arrived! Doug and Ana fly to Santorini tomorrow morning, and Rob and I will join them after work on Friday!
IMG_6898 IMG_4601 IMG_6891 IMG_6865 IMG_4609 IMG_4608 IMG_4585 IMG_4583

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