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Battle of Marathon: The Remix

on October 17, 2013











St. Catherine’s Year 3 students traveled to Marathon for our first fieldtrip of the school year. I’m fairly certain a student battle reenactment would never fly in the States, but in Greece — totally acceptable! One class played the role of the Athenians, and the other three classes played the Persians (who, according to historical accounts, heavily outnumbered the Athenians). There were some initial hard feelings amongst the students relegated to playing the Persians, but they got over it quickly. 🙂

My favorite quote of the day came at the Athenian soldier burial site from Phillippos, an incredibly well spoken little Greek boy in my class: “Ms. Good, I know we’re not allowed to climb the hill, but I really feel like I want to lay a flower on the hill to honor all the Athenian soldiers. If it wasn’t for them, I might be a Persian slave today.” Megan (my little Scottish student) followed this up by stating, “Yeah, I might be Persian slave, too!” 🙂

IMG_4652 IMG_4644 IMG_4640 IMG_4628 IMG_4623 IMG_4620IMG_4622 IMG_4616


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