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48 Hours in Santorini

on October 21, 2013

photo (35)

Santorini has definitely been added to my Greek favorites list! With its steep cliffs and deep blue water, it really is just stunningly beautiful. Two of Rob’s close friends from Moscow visited us on an R&R from Benin (where they’re now living). After a few days in Athens, they flew to Santorini, where Rob and I joined them after work on Friday. We spent the entire weekend hiking, beaching, wining, and dining. 🙂

I discovered during parent conferences that the godfather of one of my students is the owner of an awesome brewery in Santorini. Although we didn’t get a chance to visit the brewery, we did some sampling at a restaurant. Greek beer isn’t particularly good, but this was fabulous — and probably the closest thing to proper American beer I’ve had since arriving in Greece. Looking forward to visiting the brewery on my return trip… and looking forward to exploring more of Santorini, preferably once again during tourist off-season!

Brewery info here: 🙂
photo (38) IMG_4807 IMG_4794 IMG_4782 IMG_4770 IMG_4764 IMG_4750 IMG_4745 IMG_4730 IMG_4722 IMG_4690 IMG_4680IMG_4801 IMG_4789 IMG_4779 IMG_4777 IMG_4765 IMG_4738

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