Goodie In Greece

gone greek

You know you’ve been…

on November 8, 2013

IMG_4852 IMG_4855…living in Greece and working at a British school for a considerable chunk of time when your idea of a midnight snack is a tomato and cucumber salad and coffee takes a backseat to tea. (I love that my British colleagues are constantly wanting to chat over tea. People frequently stop each other mid sentence to say, “Let’s go discuss this over tea.” It’s adorable. And teachers actually have enough free time in the work day that sitting down to a cup of tea is completely normal.) Anyway, I’ve been living in Greece for four months now, and it’s gradually beginning to feel less foreign. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Greece feels like home, but I do feel more at home here. I really enjoy the Embassy community, the St. Catherine’s community, and the Greek lifestyle. (It certainly helps that between the Embassy and St. Catherine’s, I’m surrounded by English speakers.) People here are relatively chill, and nobody gets too heated or stressed about anything. Although this hasn’t done much for Greece’s efficiency or economy as a country, it’s a nice change of pace for foreigners like myself (now that my legal status has been achieved). That said, I can’t wait to head back to the States in just six weeks for the holidays to see friends and family! 🙂


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