Goodie In Greece

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Protest Party

on November 17, 2013
IMG_4938November 17th is a day of protest in Greece to commemorate the Athens Polytechnic uprising of 1973. The uprising serves as a symbol of resistance to tyranny… and unfortunately some Greeks throw the U.S. into the tyrannical category. Greeks now walk the streets on November 17th, traditionally beginning with a demonstration at the Polytechneio campus and ending at the U.S. Embassy. To celebrate all things good and American (like the freedom to gather and protest), Rob and I hosted a party at our apartment — just a block from the protest route. The protest has occasionally turned violent in the past. Fortunately this year, it was a wonderfully peaceful, non-tyrannical sort of day.
*Shout-out to Mom and Dad for that Captain America t-shirt and Matt and Kate for that stunning apron… and the bacon American flag t-shirt… and the hotdog bottle opener. 🙂
IMG_4931 IMG_4923
IMG_4933 IMG_4930

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