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Chaperones Galore

on November 30, 2013


Thanksgiving celebrations ran late (extremely late by teacher standards), but I was lucky enough to have 15 of my students’ parents help to supervise 20 kids the following day on a fieldtrip. We may have set some sort of school record for the best adult-to-student fieldtrip ratio ever. The learning support teacher and I found a Starbucks and spent the entire morning strolling around with lattes. Certainly much easier than the days of having my mom drive two hours from Pennsylvania to help me supervise 25 kids (on public transportation) for a fieldtrip in DC. 🙂

*Please note the awesome Christmas decorations in the school lobby!

2 responses to “Chaperones Galore

  1. Linda says:

    Those school decorations are fantastic! (Also, I did a double take on the picture of your chaperone – I thought for a split second that Angelia Jolie accompanied you!)

  2. She’s the Greek equivalent of Gloria from Modern Family!

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