Goodie In Greece

gone greek


on December 1, 2013

IMG_5001 IMG_5015The Embassy’s community liaison office arranges trips to various places throughout Greece (and occasionally beyond Greece) for Embassy-affiliated folks. Rob and I joined a bus trip to the small mountain town of Kalavrita in the Peloponnese. We took a rickety old mountain train up the incline, then mostly did a lot of strolling and eating. We also visited some cool cave lakes and saw a bit of snow — the only snow I’ve seen in Greece to date! I later learned that the family of one of my students owns a winter home in Kalavrita. Still trying to figure out how to get my students’ parents to offer up their vacation homes to me at no charge. 🙂

IMG_5012 IMG_5006 IMG_4997 IMG_4992IMG_5009 IMG_4996 IMG_4984









That last photo is a shot of the Corinth Canal, which cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth separating the Peloponnesian peninsula from the Greek mainland. The canal connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf… and effectively saves boats a lot of extra travel time.


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