Goodie In Greece

gone greek


on March 9, 2014

IMG_5526Stop number 2 on Euro trip 2014: Chamonix, France! Chamonix is primarily a ski town (and the site of the 1924 Winter Olympics), but Rob and I aren’t particularly avid skiers, so we mostly just hiked around town, ate fondue, and marvelled at the Alps. Our whole trip actually began over a conversation that went something like this…IMG_5590



Rob: What do you want to do for your half-term break?
Me: I want to go to the top of the Alps!
Rob: Umm, you realize the Alps are a huge mountain range a few hundred miles long?
Me: Yup, and I’d like to go to the top!

After a bit of research, I found you can take a cable car (two cable cars actually) from Chamonix to Aiguille du Midi. At a height of nearly 4,000 meters, it is absolutely breathtaking. And frigid. We found a few very brave people making the trip to Aiguille du Midi for more adventurous reasons.

Mission Top-of-the-Alps: ACCOMPLISHED!

IMG_5586 IMG_5572 IMG_5569 IMG_5539 IMG_5518 IMG_5478IMG_5513IMG_5516 IMG_5508 IMG_5497 IMG_5489 IMG_5484 IMG_5474IMG_5591 IMG_5605


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