Goodie In Greece

gone greek


on June 23, 2014

Saying goodbye is hard.


Good food and wine make it a little easier.

IMG_6749Ever since Rob departed Greece to begin his grad program two months ago, Rich, Natalie, and Anita have been like family — weekend vacations, hotel sleepovers, a half marathon, countless meals, laughs, tears, even an EpiPen injection and a trip to the hospital yesterday after I inadvertently ate some pecans. I will forever be so incredibly grateful to Rich and Natalie for adopting me for two months. They are truly amazing people. I still remember when they found out Rob was leaving post early. While sitting at the dinner table, without even consulting with each other, both of them immediately offered their spare bedroom. No hesitation or questions asked. On top of being phenomenally good people, they’re both great chefs… so I’ve been eating like a queen. I will miss them. A lot. They might even miss me a little. 😉 On the plus side, with Rich and Natalie headed to Miami and Anita returning to DC, I’m looking forward to reunions on the other side of the Atlantic. ❤


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