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Last Day of School!

on June 26, 2014

The last day of school was a whirlwind of hugs, goodbyes, thoughtful gifts, and sentimental cards and emails from students, parents, and colleagues. There was also a student talent show and a huge staff lunch at a nearby restaurant beneath a canopy of mulberry trees. (The wine was flowing, so I decided to show my British colleagues how American teachers celebrate on the last day of school…) It was a really lovely day — a great end to a great school year. And thanks to the very generous gift card I received from my students’ parents, I was able to purchase a new suitcase for my trip to Russia! (The wheel fell off my old suitcase, and I was planning on just lugging it around on the rim. This is way better!)

IMG_6753 IMG_6771

The talent show featured a lot of singing and dancing, although my personal favorites were the World Cup-inspired performances and the Cups song (a throwback to my farewell party in DC last year… before the cops arrived to quiet us down). 🙂

IMG_6764 IMG_6762IMG_6759

To close out the school year, I had my students write letters to their future selves, full of good advice from their 8-year-old selves. I received this email from one of my awesome little students this afternoon…

I WILL MISSS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am extremely sad that you’re leaving. Here’s some advice for YOU so listen up:

  • Always meet new people
  • Call me to your wedding
  • Keep up the adventure
  • Stay calm and PARTY ON!
  • Go to new places
  • KEEP LEARNING!!!!!!!
  • Have fun
  • Make new friends

That’s all!!!!! You’ve been the best teacher EVER!!!!!!

❤ and 🙂
Love, Kleo



2 responses to “Last Day of School!

  1. Doug Good says:

    Hi Laura, How can young students be so bright? How can young children know what’s right?

    Hold them securely. Hold them tight. So, soundly they sleep throughout the night. Love, Dad


  2. Linda says:

    Love it….what great advice!

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